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Mike and Andrew (2)

It was great to see Wilson Fabrics being used by the contestants on the recent series of ‘The Block’.With such a diverse range of blockout and translucent fabrics available in a selection of contemporary colours it’s easy to see why these fabrics were featured.

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The Avenue Collection - landscape MK
It’s on again! Maurice Kain’s ‘winter warmer’ lining promotion. For every metre of Filigree or Maurice Kain fabric you will receive the same amount of lining “FREE”. Available for all orders placed by the 30th of August. Some conditions apply so please phone to ask about this special or arrange a free measure and quote.
I’m so excited about the lovely new releases of Outdoor fabrics some of our suppliers at Custom Curtains and Shade are bringing out. In Australia we love to live outdoors and that means having furniture outside too. But during our excessive wet seasons things can start to go mouldy. Outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the elements and can be Water Repellant, Yarn Dyed, which means less fading, and Antifungal. Combined with Outdoor Foam you can have cushions that can stay outside and be a breeze to maintain.
Society MK
We have just had delivery of some exciting new hangers with new releases from Maurice Kain Fabrics. I love it when fabric companies provide lovely room shots so that we can see what the fabrics look like in a larger piece. If you have any enquiries about any of the products featured in our blog please email me.