Fabric Focus – Sheers

Sheers can be the perfect choice when looking for fabrics for curtaining. They are so right for our climate and lifestyle creating a lovely soft effect at the windows without making your home dark or blocking the view. A sheer curtain can suit so many different styles of decor from Classical to modern, pretty to minimal or coastal to country. Textured linen looks are very popular for contemporary but laid back living and embroidered voiles featuring leaf or floral designs look lovely with more traditional decor.
Ariel from Wilson Fabrics with a soft drape and metallic stripe comes in shades of Mother of Pearl, Silver Grey, Metallic Smoke and Charcoal Bronze. Add a lining to give light control and privacy and you will have a versatile, stylish and practical window covering.


Charles Parsons Sheer


Photo credits Charles Parsons and Zepel Fabrics