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Portobello V 'Laurel'

We have just received a new hanger from the Slender Morris library that I am very excited about. It is a gorgeous print collection named The Abbey Road Collection. There are four colour ranges and each colour has three designs. Portobello V is a lovely floral print in 100% linen, Sussex Stripe is a classic variegated stripe with a composition of 52% linen and 48% cotton and the Bray Flamestitch is also 100% linen. The range would be perfect for a combination of drapes, roman blinds, cushions and light upholstery. The colours are fresh, fun and contemporary whilst still being classical and timeless.

Portobello V 'Silver Birch'

Portobello V ‘Silver Birch’

Bray Flamestitch 'Silver Birch'

Bray Flamestitch ‘Silver Birch’

Sussex Stripe 'Silver Birch'

Sussex Stripe ‘Silver Birch’

Portobello V 'Ladybug'

Portobello V ‘Ladybug’



Bray Flamestitch 'Ladybug'

Bray Flamestitch ‘Ladybug’



Sussex Stripe 'Ladybug'

Sussex Stripe ‘Ladybug’



Bray Flamestitch 'Spa'

Bray Flamestitch ‘Spa’


Portobello V 'Spa'

Portobello V ‘Spa’


Sussex Stripe 'Spa'

Sussex Stripe ‘Spa’


Portobello V 'Laurel'

Portobello V ‘Laurel’

Sussex Stripe 'Laurel'

Sussex Stripe ‘Laurel’


Bray Flamestitch 'Porcelain'

Bray Flamestitch ‘Porcelain’





Look for this label when purchasing textiles for your home.

Ever wondered how to choose products for  your home that you know will not be harmful to your health. With so many imported products coming from manufacturers with little or no regulations on manufacturing process it is near impossible to know what is going in to an item destined to sit in your home. Fortunately when it comes to textiles and specifically for our industry for curtain and blind fabrics there is a label that you can look out for that can give you peace of mind when choosing window coverings. The Confidence in Textiles label shows that the fabric you are looking at has been tested for harmful chemicals and is safe for use in your home. Read more…