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Thanks to INVISI-GARD’s Kid’s Safe protection screen you can have open windows in your home without compromising the safety of small children. With building regulations changing it is now a requirement to have a child safe screening on a window if it opens more than 15cm.For more information go to  http://www.invisi-gard.com.au/kidsafe_protection_screen.php


Keep your children safe with a Kid’s Safe protection screen.

Astral Sonic by Maurice Kain

Great news Maurice Kain and Filigree’s free lining promotion has been extended until the end of June this year. Now is the time to think about keeping your home warmer for winter and curtains, particularly lined curtains, are the best way to insulate. For more info see our original post https://www.customcurtains.com.au/2015/02/free-lining-promotion-2/ or contact us in store.

Latitude by Maurice Kain

Latitude by Maurice Kain