Install curtains and save on heating costs

Wilson - Boyd

With the colder weather here covering your windows especially at night is so important for helping to keep your home warmer and to help reduce your heating costs. Uncovered windows can significantly increase the heat loss in your home in winter and also the heat gain in summer.

According to Wilson Fabrics Energy Savings information ‘Up to 40% of heating and cooling energy loss occurs via your windows’

The best types of window covering for insulation are close fitting drapes that fit snugly to the windows creating a pocket of dead air between the glass and the window covering. Curtains in a thick or blockout fabric that does not allow air flow is the most effective for increasing the insulation value of your window coverings. Installing a separate lining on your curtains will further increase its insulation properties.  Windows furnished with drapes and pelmets contributes to a 220% improvement in R value compared to exposed glass* (Insulation is measured as an R value).

To reduce further heat loss installing a pelmet over the curtains will stop the flow of cool air over the drapes and into the room. Drapes that are snug against the wall and block vertical airflow as well cut heat loss up to 25%**

It is important to allow warmth into your home during the day by opening your blinds or window coverings to let in as much sun as possible. This warmth will be retained in the home for longer by closing the curtains at dusk.

Blockout curtains and pelmets have the added value of keeping your home cooler in summer and providing acoustic/noise reduction. They are also the most effective window covering for blocking out light and are perfect for children’s rooms, media rooms and for shift workers who need to sleep during daylight hours.

Curtains and pelmets are an attractive and value adding addition to any home and can be made in a variety of styles and fabrics to suit your décor whether it is traditional or contemporary.


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