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On the Sunshine Coast we are lucky to be enjoying warmer weather at this time of the year and it’s getting to the time to start opening your home to cooling breezes and pleasant sunny days. We still need to feel secure in our homes whilst enjoying the feeling of outdoors. Security screens and doors are essential in the warmer months to keep your home safe from intruders as well as bugs and snakes or other wildlife.
Finding the right balance between appearance and performance is not always easy. Our range of Alspec’s wide range of designs and proven quality ensure security requirements for any home can be met. All products are custom made to enhance the design of your home.
All grilles have a 7mm strand thickness and meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard. All Diamond Grille Doors and windows are available with the option of One Way Mesh, ideal if added privacy is required. One Way Mesh allows you to see out through your door at the same time as reducing the visibility into your house from the outside.
Alspec Security Grilles are made from special Tempered Aluminium for greater strength and increased peace of mind. When combined with our quality framing and hardware our Alspec Security Grilles offer good looking, low maintenance protection for your home.
Security Grilles for our custom-made sliding doors provide optimum protection and smooth operation. Adjustment screws face inside the door out of intruders reach. All security grilles for doors and windows are available in a range of modern colours. Security Doors can be fitted with the extra feature of a 3 Point Safety Lock. Three interlocking security hinges deter even the most persistent intruder. All our security doors can be fitted with  a pet flap in a size to suit your dog or cat.

Security screens can also be made into custom designed patio enclosures increasing your living space during the warmer months.

Diamond Grille Security Sliding Doors

Diamond Grille Security Sliding Doors

Cast Panel Barrier Door and Alspec Security Screen

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