Luxury Umbrellas

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Shadowspec Luxury Umbrella systems are available in a range of styles and configurations to perfectly suit your home or business. Made in New Zealand and manufactured from top quality anodised aluminium, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials. Shadowspec Umbrellas feature the patented ‘Easy Opening System’

SHADOWSPEC’s international award winning, patented, ‘one easy sliding movement’ design for erecting and collapsing the umbrellas is so simple, unbelievably easy and almost effortless, but above all, trouble-free! The gas-strut assisted deployment means the umbrella does the work you don’t have to.

Shadowspec Luxury Umbrellas come in Wall mounted, free standing, Single, Duo and Quattro styles. They can be installed to suit your home, pool or restaurant to create a stylish and versatile extended outdoor living area.

SU3 Wall Mounted Umbrella
SU4 Cantilever Umbrella
SU6 Cantilever Umbrella
SU7 Cantilever Umbrella
SU10 Commercial Centre Pole Umbrella
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